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History of SBS

The Swedish Buddhist Studies is a long-term project which includes international academic conferences on Buddhism, academic research on Nordic Buddhism, an online Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia as well interactive maps marking Buddhist architecture in Europe.

Swedish Buddhist Studies aims to inspire and motivate scientists to research Buddhist culture in the Nordic countries and connect scholars working in the field of Buddhist studies.

We wish to advance scholarly interpretation and understanding of Buddhist culture, both in regard to method and results; create highly informative sources of knowledge available to public for free as well encourage Buddhists to research Buddhism with scientific methods and share their understandings in joint workshops with scientists.

The idea to form SBS association came from Mr Vello Vaartnou, when moved back to Sweden after long visit to Australia where he was granted a Distinguished Talent Visa for his academic educational projects.

In March 2020, the founding meeting was held and the non-profit association Swedish Buddhist Studies was officially registered in April 2020.

The Swedish Buddhist Studies team has over 15 years experience in organizing international academic conferences and cooperation in Europe and Australia.

We have currently two ongoing international academic Buddhist conferences and online Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia (English, Chinese). The author of these projects is Mr Vello Vaartnou

Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia

An online Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia was introduced to public by Mr Vaartnou at UC Berkeley in 2012 and it is one of the biggest academic online resources on Buddhism today. It has 62 000 articles, all cross linked and illustrated; thousands of readers every day all over the world, and it is used by universities, colleges and scholars, as well by general public and Buddhist institutions. www.chinabuddhismencyclopedia.com

Buddhism and Nordland

The international conference ´Buddhism and Nordlandwas held annually in 2007 – 2011, and it was the first annual conference in Europe to investigate Nordic Buddhism. During five years this conference grew to three days event, having speakers from all Nordic countries and Baltic states, plus scholars from USA, UK, Germany, Hungary, India, Nepal, Mongolia, Russian Academy of Science.(www.budcon.com) From now on, “Buddhism and Nordland” will continue in Sweden

Buddhism and Australasia

From 2012 -2020, nine international academic conferences “Buddhism and Australasia” were held in Perth, Western Australia and these conferences have produced 180 scholarly articles. This conference brought together scientists and Buddhist scholars from all over the world – UC Berkeley, UK, Germany, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Finland, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Singapore. (www.buddhismandaustralia.com) The scholarly articles from both conferences are available on websites for free.

The SBS Team

Mr Vello Vaartnou (PhD)

Mr Vaartnou has translated Buddhist texts and literature, built Buddhist architecturee in Europe and Asia (stupas, prayer wheels, temples); established Buddhist tradition in non-Buddhist country. He is the author of the two Buddhist conferences and two online Buddhist encyclopedias, and also world renown artist/thangka master creating his art both in traditional way and digitally.

Mr Vaartnou has lectured at UC Berkeley, Beijing Buddhist Academy, Mongolia NUM, Australia. From 2012, Mr Vaartnou and Ms Broder present their researches annually at UC Berkeley PNC conferences being there the only representatives from Sweden until today.

Ms Marju Broder

Board member
Ms Broder has been the organizing chair for international conferences since 2007, and acts as a secretary to SBS.

From 2012, Mr Vaartnou and Ms Broder present their researches annually at UC Berkeley PNC conferences being there the only representatives from Sweden until today.

Having long experience in the field of Buddhist studies and scholarly contacts all over the world, the SBS team wish to use their knowledge and experiences, and contribute into development of Swedish science and Buddhist studies.

Mr Eugene Rossin

Board member
Mr Eugene Rossin is highly qualified specialist in the field of IT, he has worked together with Mr Vaartnou for a decades and managed many of his projects

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