“I will obtain the ultimate truth and ultimate reality. That is the ultimate aim of my life in this world. Weather my body remains with me or goesinto pieces. My bones and flesh may go to complete annihilation or remain with me. I shall obtain the true form of the universe. Through innumerable reincarnations, I have obtained a human body. I will not lose this golden opportunity and will certainly obtain Samadhi in the real form of consciousness. Calamity may come and go, mountains may break upon my head but I will not leave my promise to obtain nirvana.”

If prince Siddhartha made it on its own you can too. He just got serious and figured it out. Perhaps that’s his real teaching that you can figure out for yourself. Maybe the point isn’t that he was a deity or super human but just a human like you and me.

Suffering is a bad dream, happiness is a good dream. Enlightenment is getting out of the dream.[1]

Mimicking enlightenment as a way to become enlightened is seen everywhere. If you want to be the enlightened guy, act like the enlightened guy that’s how the thinking goes. But that doesn’t work. In your journey you might come across people who have done the journey and provide some travel guidelines. You can take the help of previous travellers who have provided hints, signs and directions along the way. Poets, sages, philosophers, people who have taken time to note it down for people who came after them. You can take the advice walk the path and then stop where they stop pay your respects and walk your journey.

Here are some of those guidelines.

Tathata : Suchness

Allow whatever happens in the space of now. Yes to what is at this moment.[2]

Dwelling your attention in the field of now, the field itself.

Let the world happen, let the forms come and go.

Let it come, enjoy the play of form around you.

You no longer look for yourself in what arises, weather it’s a thought, an event,emotion, a sense perception, anything. You know yourself to be the field in which it arises.

Spaciousness around all the content, all the events in your life. You are that.

That’s the state of peace. It’s the essence of who you are which is not separate from any other form.

Once you know your own essence then you know the essence in every other life form because you are one in essence with every other life form.

Know yourself to be one life before it is manifested into form. One life before it becomes something or someone. One life after a form dissolves. Timeless one consciousness the unconditioned Nibban.[3]

When you know each life form as yourself that state is of love. Love that knows the other as yourself.

Nibban, the unconditioned, is ultimately real. This reality of form and concepts is illusory.

When you state something in words or language, you are simply judging the from the present moment takes.

Which itself is impersonal (without self) and impermanent.

So whatever you say or believe or react to is to an illusion.


Like a wheel, sometimes things start badly and get better, sometimes things start better and get bad.

All forms arise and pass away.

Recognizing that there is nothing to be done but to recognize that this is the pattern life takes is liberating. What goes along with having things comes the possibility of losing them,allowing to come to terms with the experience of loss. Forgive.

The end of suffering is the end of identification with forms:[5]

Whenever suffering comes you are back

Identified with form,

Lost in time, Lost in mind, Lost in pain,Lost in some reaction.

It’s always identified with form.

People mostly aren’t aware about this. They live on impulses.

Enlightened living is to bring awareness as the primary way of being.

Human world we are born in lives in mind, in the world of objects and is unconscious.

Practice of meditation or being present or expansion of awareness, whatever you call it, is to make the primary way of being to be awareness and not the thinking mind.

Once you are aware, you’ll yourself know what’s happening.

Expand your awareness, meditate, be present and know to be happy.[6]

Allowing the present moment as it is. Not resisting what happens in the now. The now is not what happens in it. It’s the space in which things and events happen. They appear and they disappear in the now. It changes continuously. The now is eternally present always as it is, the background space that holds this phenomenal existence.

There is always this moment, in which the phenomenal existence unfolds. When you allow this to unfold as it does inner resistance disappears and inner space arises.

Whatever forms arise in this moment, you go beyond it. Whatever form comes in this moment, whatever person, situation, emotion, thought that comes in this moment it looses it’s density. You see the impermanence of all forms, as temporary, passing. If there no to this moment if you resist the form that arise, that no strengthens your form identity, the form of me, that is what keeps you trapped in the illusory sense of self. Whenever the yes arise you don’t react to anything. There is no self, I , to react.[7]

Being this space, allowing fully what happens.

A field of spaciousness in which everything happens, that’s the essence of who you are beyond form. That is what now is. At the deepest level you are now, this moment.

The world of form looses it’s power to intimidate you and it also looses it’s promise to fulfil you. These is no fear and desire. There is no craving as you don’t look for yourself in this world. The world looses it’s power and thus you become free from this world as you know yourself as the awareness in which the world appears.

No matter how hard you look you can never find yourself in forms.

You don’t know then yourself conceptually but there is a deeper knowing. Whatever you truly need in this moment will be there, will come.

See that all forms are temporary, that’s arising of presence.[8]

Sabbe Dhamma anatta:[9]

All dhammas are without self. Mind is not a continuous process but collection of smaller psychic events called dhammas. Every action that is performed we think that I do it, but the finding of Buddha tells that there is no self, no I or me, any doer, in any of the mental thoughts. You don’t do anything. Things happen.

There is no good and evil, only unity and the dream of non-unity, of saperateness. The false sense of saperateness is ego and the ego is all there is of evil in the world. That dissonance is born out of ignorance and appears as good and evil.

Ignorance and self is the same thing.

Ignorance is not when you don’t know something, its when you know something that isn’t true. Ignorance is the essence of self not an aspect of it. It’s the delicate weaving of something -a self- from nothing, not nothing where there should be something.

That nothingness woven into somethingness is what you call reality. Ego is false self, everything you think is you, it is your personality, everything that makes you different from everything that’s not you. Everything that tells you that you are saperate from everything else is false.

What separates you are your thoughts and when the boundaries are not there everything becomes boundless.

In a way the whole of life is like a great big dream. I am looking at you but I don’t know anything about you. This is a dream world there is no reality to it at all.

When the experiencing structure is not manipulating consciousness then the whole life is a great big dream from the experiential point of view. Not from this point of view here but from your point of view. You give reality to not only things but also experiences and feelings and think that they are real. When you don’t translate them in terms of your accumulated knowledge they are not things. You really don’t know what they are.[10]

The process of awakening looks like its about destroying ego. But that’s not really accurate. You never completely rid yourself of the ego, the false self, as long as you are alive and its not important that you do. What matters are the emotional tethers, sankharas, that anchor us to the world. We send out energetic tendrils from nexus of ego like roots to attach ourselves to the dream state and to detach from it we must seaver them. The energy of an emotion is our life force and the amount of life force determines the power of the emotion. Widraw energy from an emotion and what’s left? A sterile thought. In this sense freeing yourself from attachment is indeed the process of awakening. But such attachments aren’t what we have they are what we are.

Last realisation:

Events happen, deeds are done, deeds appear to be done but there is no individual doer of any deed.

Nothing is a deed done by anybody therefore there is no question for me blaming anybody for anything.

I don’t blame myself nor anybody else for what happens.

There is one source which manifests in the world of duality. There have never been atime when there were no one injured, sick, dead. Suffering exits. I accept it.

I don’t blame yourself or the other. I don’t create suffering for myself by accepting that anyone is the doer.

I had,

The load of guilt and shame of my actions and self and the load of hatred towards others bad actions which affects me.

I realized,

It was just happening happened through me which hurt the other and happening happened by other that hurt me.

Nothing happens unless it’s happening according to Dhamma, the highest law of universe.

Stating all this, if you don’t do the work you don’t enjoy the benefits. Anyone can say the words and grasp the concept but having it as your living reality is a different matter. It doesn’t matter if we get there first or last, the point is to get there.



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