Dr. Bikiran Prasad Barua

Bikiran Prasad Barua

Prof. Dr.
Position: Retired Professor
Organization: University of Chittagong
Country: Bangladesh


done by Bikiran Prasad Barua:


in which Bikiran Prasad Barua participated as a speaker:


  • Atisa- The Great
  • A Short Biography of Ven’ble Atisa Dipankar Srijnan
  • Priyananda Mahajiban
  • Wholeness and Freeness (Bengali Trnslated) (Lecture of Master Hsing Yun)
  • Equality and Peace (Bengali Translated) ( Lecture of Master Hsing Yun)
  • The Fundamental Concepts of Buddhism (Bengali Translated) (Lecture of Master Hsing Yun)
  • On Economics, Emotions and Ethics (Bengali Translated) (Lecture of Master Hsing Yun)
  • Environmental and Spiritual Preservation (Bengali Translated) (Lecture of Master Hsing Yun)
  • Buddhism and its Perspectives published in 2011


  • Deshabandhu (Friend of the Country)
  • Lokanandita-Lokatilak(People’s Rejoiced- People’s Leader)
  • Shantiduta(Messenger of Peace)
  • Dharmaratna (Jewel of Dhamma)
  • Biswa Bouddha Maharatna( World Buddhist Great Jewel)
  • Upasak Ratna(Jewel of Devotees)
  • Certificate of Merit by Korean Monks
  • Appreciation Plaque by the WFBY
  • Certificate of Appreciation by the WFBY
  • Atisa Dipankar Srigyan Gold Medal
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