Jongmyung Kim

Position: Professor
Organization: Academy of Korean Studies
Country: South Korea


in which Jongmyung Kim participated as a speaker:


  • The Chikchi and Its Positions in Fourteenth-Century Korea
  • The Seon Monk Hyujeong and Buddhist Ritual in Sixteenth-Century Korea
  • The State and Eminent Monks in Medieval Korea
  • Queen Munjeong’s (1501-1565) Statecraft and Buddhist View in Confucian Joseon
  • King Jeongjo’s Views of Buddhism
  • King Taejo’s Buddhist View and Statecraft in Tenth-Century Korea
  • The Power of the Buddhas: The Politics of Buddhism During the Koryǒ Dynasty – By Sem Vermeersch
  • Trends in and Characteristics of Korean Philosophical Circles
  • Curricula of Visits to Bulguk Monastery and Seokbul Temple in English
  • Buddhist Daily Rituals in Korea: Their Structure and Meaning – Focusing on Sasi bulgong
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